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Our Story

Project DREW was founded to honor the legacy of Special Forces Captain Drew Ferguson. D.R.E.W. is an acronym that uses his first name to capture our mission: Delivering Restorative Energy to our Warriors.

Drew was deeply passionate about music and on several occasions, made anonymous donations to Music on a Mission, a unique non-profit in his hometown. After Drew passed away, the Executive Director of Music on a Mission, Marilyn Zeidner, came up with the vision for Project DREW to honor his legacy of service and love of music.








Our aim is to use music as a means to celebrate and honor the legacies of veterans like Drew. There is no agenda other than capturing stories of service from men & women who have served and turning those stories into songs.


We take deep pride in our work being private. No media or public audiences: just the humble, sacred spirit that comes with talking about service, whether in WWII, Vietnam, or the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Workshops we run are deliberately small to keep the feeling of each weekend intimate, private, and focused on the small group of people who have chosen to share their stories. These stories vary: some are personal and emotional while others are fun and celebratory. We leave that for each Veteran to decide.


In the end, the work of Project DREW aims to use the gathering power of music to honor and energize American service.

Video Credit: Ron Jantz

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