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Our logo is based on a poem written by Drew entitled "My Drum"’. It incorporates the colors and theme of one of his paintings he called "America". 


D.R.E.W. is the acronym for Delivering Restorative Energy to our Warriors.


“This, is my drum.” is the last line taken from "My Drum". In the poem, Drew uses a drum as a metaphor for his heart and soul, but also suggests meaning on other levels. That closing phrase “This, is my drum.” speaks volumes about the mission of Project DREW. Every veteran’s experience is full of unique meaning – their own “drum” which defines their service and experience. That drum is not only the beating of a heart, but stories of service in the past, present, and future. For the those who participate in Project DREW, “This, is my drum” is equivalent to “This, is my song.” 


The logo also incorporates Drew’s original painting titled America. The blue in the flag looks like a mountain, the red stripes seem like sun rays or a layered sky. The badge-like drum represents his heart, music, courage, and job as a soldier. The drumsticks symbolize the veteran and songwriter collaborating together. They are placed at 1 o'clock or "1300 hours" to represent his national ranking at Ohio University as 13th amongst all ROTC graduates in the nation. This ranking earned him the nickname "The 13th Warrior".


Overall, the logo uses Drew’s own art and words and conveys his music, adventure, courage, and legacy.

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